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Richmond Restoration is a local family owned and operated business since 2012.

It is our mission to change the industry of air duct cleaning by providing affordable air duct cleaning to landlords, tenants, and small business owners. This means no more over the phone estimates, no more $49 coupons that go up to $2,000 when technicians arrive at your home, no more surprises.

We offer quality work with 100% satisfaction guaranteed every time, we use the same equipment as the "big timers" at a more affordable cost.

Our Method of Cleaning:
We use a  negative air machine with a series of air whips and air brushes to scrub each individual duct efficiently and effectively. Each register is removed and cleaned, and placed back on properly when finished. Access panels are required to clean each main duct. If access panels are not already present, we will make them in order to access the duct. The blower motor is removed from the system and throughly cleaned then placed back in the system. After cleaning is completed we recommend the system is sanitized. We use a product called Sporiciden, which is most commonly used in HVAC systems. It neutralizes germs, bacteria, dust mites, mold, mildew, and fungus. The treatment is applied using a fogger machine.

Dryer vent cleaning is completed in the outside of the house to the dryer done by using self feeding compressed air dryer vent tool to remove all lint and obstructions within the dryer vent.

If you have any additional questions or concerns about the cleaning process please feel free to contact us.

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(per vent; basement/first floor dryers only)
Call for pricing on dryer vents 2nd floor and higher.


Free estimates available


Air Duct Cleaning

A full inspection of the heating and cooling system will be provided prior to cleaning. A full restoration consist of cleaning supply vents, return vents, main duct lines , access panels, blower motor cleaning and A/C coil cleaning.  Sanitization is recommended after cleaning.

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Sanuvox whole house air purifiers are available. Pricing varies by system. Please call for in-house consultation. 


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